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VentiMax® - Odour-Free Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin

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Use a VentiMax® to hygienically dispose of all your food scraps. The combination of the ventilated kitchen pail and CompostBag® compostable and ‘breathing’ bags leads to noticeable less unpleasant smells, mold growth and insects.

Against all odds, hermetically sealed kitchen pails or traditional plastic bags lead to more unpleasant smells. That is because they keep the food scraps moist, which entails putrefaction. When the moisture is evacuated, however, the waste slightly dries, sufficient to find less unpleasant smells and insects as a result.

Now, that is something the VentiMax® does like no other! The kitchen pail is maximally ventilated: more than 70% of the walls is actually ‘air’. That gives the ‘breathing’ (water vapour transmitting) compostable bags the chance to evacuate moisture away from the organic waste. So you can work and live in a clean and pleasant kitchen.

It goes like this: throw all your food scraps in the VentiMax®, after a few days, the bag is full and you tie it up and toss it in the garden composter or in the waste bin. That way, you’ll keep the bin clean inside as well. And the VentiMax® stands nicely on your kitchen counter too : a real asset for your kitchen.

All CompostBag® bags are made of renewable, natural materials. And they are fully compostable in industrial composting facilities. As proof, they all carry the OK Compost-logo or the Seedling-logo. Some smaller bags are also home compostable (OK Compost HOME). That way, all our bags finally return to nature. The cycle is closed.

Made in Belgium in a wind-powered factory, these bags are produced from responsibly farmed, renewable, vegetal resources and are certified industrially compostable to EN13432.

Materials: VentiMax® are made from recycled plastic. 

  • Country of manufacture: Belgium in a wind powered factory

  • Less unpleasent smells

  • Less mould growth

  • Less insects

  • CompostBag® compostable bags can go into the organic waste bin or into the composter in your garden

  • Dimensions: 360 x 120 x 420 mm

  • Weight: 400g

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