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Bamboo Tableware / Dinner Set (5pc)

£15.95 GBP

This collection of bamboo based childrens dinner sets are a cute treat for the eyes and a delight for mealtime. They are a great addition to your tableware sets and will be a sure bet to make mealtimes more fun. 
What do you get:
  • 1 x bowl (15.5cm diameter, 300ml volume)
  • 1 x plate (21cm diameter)
  • 1 x fork (14cm length)
  • 1 x spoon (14cm length)
  • 1 x beaker (240ml volume)

Materials: The products in our eco-friendly bamboo range are made from 70% organic materials. The composition is as follows: 35% bamboo fibre, 30% corn powder, 5% wood fibre, 29.5% melamine, 0.5% polyamide resin. 

Melamine is a necessary component of reusable bamboo dinnerwear. Because it’s a thermosetting plastic, it doesn’t melt when heated, so your child can sip hot drinks stress-free. Melamine is also used in bamboo kitchenware to coat the outer surface of the product, ensuring nothing will catch fire and no damage will occur when it comes into contact with hot liquid or food. This means all our bamboo mugs, plates, storage containers and more are completely safe for you and your family.

Dishwasher safe (TOP RACK ONLY), not for microwave or oven


The UK’s ‘on the go’ habit makes over 10 billion items of packaging waste a year, much of which isn’t actually recyclable because it is made from mixed materials or has been contaminated from food residue.

Each of our children has a lunch bag or box for their school lunches and a dinner set they use everyday at home - all made from pure plastic which only adds to the issue. Let alone the tiny particles of micro-plastic that can come off over time and be digested.

We believe that we can all make a difference, one ecologically friendly footstep at a time. By choosing this set you have chosen to take a step to a more environmentally friendly household, reducing your plastic usage and becoming more sustainable.

  • Made from a minimum of 70% organic materials
  • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 for plastic materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.
    - German food & feed acts LFGB (30&31)
    - Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 
  • Dishwasher safe (TOP RACK ONLY), not for microwave or oven

Material: recycled plastic & nylon

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