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Dog Treat Jerky - 150g

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What are these? A special treat for the dog in your life! This grain-free recipe is made using the finest cuts of lean meat and naturally nutritious fruits and vegetables. As a result, these jerky strips are packed full of low-fat protein, vitamins and minerals. Everything is gently cooked and carefully packed in  100% biodegradable packaging.

Package Size: 150g 

What they are made from?

Chicken: Chicken 84.8%, potato 7%, glycerol (from rapeseed oil) 4.75%, minerals, blueberry 1 %, apple 1 %.

Lamb & Beef: Beef 59.7%, lamb 25%, potato 7%, glycerol (from rapeseed oil) 5%, minerals, pear 1 %, apple 1 %.

Why are they Fabulous? Edgard & Cooper are proud to be the first pet food brand with a full range of bags made from biodegradable materials - which means they’ll break down naturally. The bags are made from plants - a combination of paper & bioplastic made from potatoes. 

And – last but not least - Edgard & Cooper give 10% of their profits to the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka.

  • Low-fat, protein-packed treat jerky for dogs
  • Lean meat blended with fruits & vegetables
  • 100% biodegradable packaging
  • Grain-free recipe
  • 10% of profits go to the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka

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