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Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free Food | Chemical Free Skin Care | Eco-Friendly Packaging 


Wet Cat Food Tray - 85g

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What are these?  Each meal is packed with over 60% lean protein including chicken and fish. As a bonus, each recipe includes natural berries, herbs and botanicals provide an extra vitamin and mineral boost. This is a grain-free recipe and is suitable for neutered cats.

Package Size: 85g 

What they are made from?

MSC Codfish & Chicken: Chicken 54%, MSC* codfish 6%, minerals, cranberries 0.25%, sage 0.13%, valerian 0.13%.

Poultry & Game: Chicken 46%, game 14%, minerals, cranberries 0.25%, chamomile 0.13%, red bush 0.13%.

Chicken & ASC Trout (Kitten): Chicken 59%, ASC* trout 6%, minerals, salmon oil, rose flowers 0.17%, rosehip 0.17%, blueberries 0.17%.

Salmon & Chicken (Senior): Chicken 54%, salmon 6%, minerals, linseed oil 0.25%, cranberries 0.25%, basil 0.13%, dill 0.13%.

Why are they fabulous? Edgard & Cooper are a pet food brand that truly cares! Not only about pets, but the earth too. Their wonderful, nutrient-packed grain-free food is made with all-natural ingredients - nothing artificial at all. Not only is the food great, but the packaging is completely recyclable too. 

  • High-protein, nutrient-rich wet food for cats
  • Made with at least 60% fresh meat or fish
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Blended with natural botanicals, herbs & berries
  • Ethically, responsibly-sourced natural ingredients
  • Full of flavour, protein and vitamins
  • Plastic-free - recyclable packaging
  • Hypoallergenic recipe
  • Suitable for neutered cats
  • Contains taurine - an essential nutrient for eye and heart health

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