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Two Farmers

The Two Farmers duo, Sean and Mark are truly proud and passionate about the Herefordshire countryside. On their farm they grow only the finest potatoes, Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta and Taurus, all specifically closed because of their excellent fry colour and high quality. 
As a farm they thrive on the ethos of low carbon, grading their potatoes on their own farm where they also grow, harvest, store, cook and pack their crisps using renewable energy, they keep their road miles low, use 100% compostable packaging which will degrade over the period of 26 weeks
Last but not least - The Flavours! Keeping to Two Farmers true fashion, they continue to want to showcase the best Herefordshire has to offer. They grow most of their ingredients themselves, for those that they cant... they source locally using only the best producers to add to their mouth-watering flavours! 

Two Farmers Potato