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Trials, Tribulations and What’s Going On!

Written by Jo Cooke-Best


Posted on April 24 2020

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. These little balls of delight are sent to throw us off track, test us, reevaluate where we are and direct our pathway. Well.. that’s my opinion, I guess thats why I never seem to get stuck or dwell on a problem for too long. I evaluate, adjust and move on. I know I've said this before but life is a rollercoaster, its up to us how we ride it. Everyday is a journey.

The last week or so has been tough, in the last 9 days I have had to
 tick rosemary and sulphites off my list, bother were anaphylactic reactions and both happened quickly to foods that I eat often. It’s not unusual that my body reacts like this (the same thing that happened to nuts and Quorn), but it shocked me. It’s kicked off a fibro flair, my body is tired and worn out and the concept of both of them leaving me with even less options of food I can eat is stressful... Did you know Rosemary is often used as a flavour in burgers, sausages and other yummy foods?! Yep! Rosemary is a common flavouring to use. They both are commonly used ingredients. I don’t eat meat too often but when I do fancy a bit, its just more ingredients to look out for, and off list of ok foods is getting even smaller. 

To say the carpet has been pulled out from underneath me is an understatement. Being quite frank & honest it’s left me a little shaken - it’s been many years of testing and getting food right with my current allergies & intolerances. There was some adjustment last year with nuts & Quorn being thrown into the mix, but a year on and were here again. I’ve had to back off of social media and work to a minimum over the last few days as my mind and body just isn’t up to the task, this is a shame but it is necessary to rebuild.

On the flip side, I am lucky because we are a family that enjoys cooking & adapting recipes to what I can eat, I have a husband who will happily eat the same food as me and to be fair a lot of my food is nicer that the ‘wheat/normal version’. This is what needs to stay at the forefront of my mind! Not dwelling on what I can’t have. 

I guess I had got a little comfortable and a little complacent and the universe thought “hey, lets spice things up a little”. For once I dont have the answer why. But, I do know how to handle this! 

Now in the midst of all of this I had my yearly tarot reading and my first ever Reiki session. We have established three things from these. 
1 - I was born to lead, I fix problems and I share to help others, we know this, I’m already doing this - it enforces the plan.
2 - I found out I am a healer (I already subconsciously knew this), but it’s been once again confirmed by others. If you haven’t caught on I mean I can heal using my mind. Speaking to a Reiki Master it turns out I subconsciously had performed Reiki healing on myself during reflexology sessions earlier in the year; I had never had a session or knew anything about it other than it was to do with colours; It does however explain why I made such significant improvements after the sessions!
3 - I have the guidance and the direction to get shit done, and the can-do to do something about it to help others! 

First things first - I need to sort myself out. Out with the negative thoughts, they have been here for a couple of days, now’s the time to acknowledge they have had their time, come up with a plan and proceed on. This weekend was be spent on some reflection, acknowledgement and coming to terms with what’s going to happen now. As of last night I was able to trust food a little more and ate a normal meal! Thank goodness! Homemade slaw, pasta salad & potato salad, al organic and totally yummy.

I will be spending some time making adjustments to my diet. Going forward I will be pretty much organic vegan (apart from the odd bit of British farm reared, organic meat, and eggs). 

As a family we have started growing lots of salad, vegetables & fruit at home as we know eating clean makes a difference to chronic illnesses, and of course if you can grow your food yourself you are creating even less carbon footprint impacts. I have a wonderful friend who I am doing plant swapping with too and we share hints and tips with each other which makes it even more fun. At the time we didn’t truly know how important that was going to be, it’s like there was some guidance pushing instincts - as I am learning to trust my intuition I am recognising the signs, I know this to be the case why! More on the veggies and the mindfulness of gardening soon...

I have registered to do a Vegan Nutrition Health Coach certification. This will give me the extra knowledge I don’t have, help me adjust my diet to get the most out of it and allow me to to teach you. I want to help others and I have so many years of experience with the knowledge thats already there. Integrating this into my business, this addition will allow me to not only provide you the with the best skincare products and daily living products, but the full package covering inside your body too. 

Following on with the healing path, I am going to begin Reiki training once COVID-19 is over. I want to heal myself more, take away the pains and work on adjusting my mindset to subdue/defeat the ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia. I have met two healers now who have both successfully overcome Fibromyalgia - there is a deep set feeling that this is also part my path. This is simply another way to help you and another thing to integrate into the business. We’re discuss more on this another time...

All of these actions are such a big part of clean living, clean body, mind & spirit. Allowing your person to grow beyond what it knows. Changing mindset from the norm and teaching it naturally. This is NOT a diversion but a deepening of what is already there.

I will be posting about the journey and will blog as I go along. I look forward to where this year takes us! 

Stay safe, take care! And of course - if you have any suggestions or questions, please ask! 

Jojo x 

About the author

Jo is an entrepreneur, writer, and investigator for all things healthy for the mind, body, soul, and planet. And, not to dismiss, a long-term collector of allergies, intolerances, and chronic illnesses! In early 2020, after a stark realisation that her health was being impacted by her current direction in business, she redirected her career, using years of personal research and development to launch Ecological Footprints. A lifestyle brand for the whole family (furry kids included), selling a wonderful selection of plastic free, biodegradable daily living products, a food shop full of gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan foods, and a safe place for us all to explore her blog - her journey into eco-friendly sustainability, clean living to maintain health & chronic illnesses and yummy free-from recipies for all the family. When she's not working you can find her spending time with her family, enjoying the countryside or in her little organic veggie garden! 



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