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International Plastic Free Bag Day 2020 - 2 Quick Changes You Can Make at Home

Written by Jo Cooke-Best


Posted on July 03 2020

This month is Plastic Free July. A month where we celebrate reducing plastic from our livelihoods and work towards a cleaner, less contaminated environment on earth. 

The 3rd of July coincides with this by being International Plastic Free Bag Day.

With this in mind I want to show you two changes that you can use within your household, that not only benefits the environment but also uses NO plastic and means your waste will start to decompose straight away. 

Plastic was designed as a cheap, throwaway alternative but it is harmful for the environment, does not decompose and is left behind in so many places. 

Lets look at some facts so we can really hit home with why we should say no to plastic. Did you know?! 

🌱 Over 100,000 marine mammals & turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution each year.

🌱 Recent studies have revealed marine plastic pollution in 100% of marine turtles, 59% of whales, 36% of seals and 40% of seabird species examined. 

🌱 Approx 5,000 items of marine plastic pollution have been found per mile of beach in the UK! During the relaxing of Covid restrictions this has grown by significant levels! 

🌱 In 1950, the world’s population of 2.5 billion produced 1.5 million tons of plastic; in 2016, a global population of over 7 billion people produced over 320 million tons of plastic... This is set to double by 2034!

🌱 As of 2015, more than 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste has been generated. Around 9% of that was recycled, 12% incinerated and 79% accumulated in landfills or environment!

🌱 The estimate for how long plastic endures us anywhere from 450 years to forever!

This final point is exactly why Plastic Free July exists - to show people there is another way. Now it's obvious, plastic exists, there isn't much we can do about the plastic that's already here, but we can change how it's used and we can look to change our habits for the future by not buying new plastic products. Therefore you will see me promoting some products that use recycled plastic. It's here and it's not going anywhere, unless its incinerated which results in copious amounts of toxins and co2 damage or it is recycled and turned into something else. 

This brings us nicely onto the VentiMax® - Odour-Free Kitchen Caddy Compost Bin!

This futuristic looking 7L compost bin is the newest addition to our eco-kitchen, and I recommend you getting one too. It has been specifically crafted to allow air to get to the food waste inside so that when the moisture is evacuated, however, the waste slightly dries, sufficient to find less unpleasant smells and insects as a result.

The bin is made from recycled plastic in an air powered factory. Using natural energy and reusing old plastic to make something new. 

The bags inside are our Biodegradable, Compost Bags made out of organic veg material. 

As you can see you simply place it inside the bin and place the holey lid ontop. 
You may spot some unexpected products in this bag
- Baking Parchment
- Cupcake/Muffin Cups
- and a Bamboo Toothbrush

Guess what... these are all eco-friendly sustainable alternatives which you can compost at home! 

The above was yesterdays bag so I can't show the decomposition yet, however I do have last weeks to show you. 

As you can see within a week the matter has started to decompose. If you are wondering why the photos are outdoors, we have ours in our greenhouse as our kitchen is simply too small for anything else to go in there! 

You can see here the matter has started to decompose the bag. 

I am using my bags to make my own homemade compost so each bag is going into the compost so it can continue to do 'it's thing' naturally.

Personally it is great to see the change happening so quickly. Being able to show younger generations how quickly the difference is vs a plastic bag that will outlive their great, great grandparents is a very clear indication to them that they can make a change, and fast!  

Of course, in true Ecological Footprints style, we don't stop just there!

We are a family business and all of the family is included! We also have Pet Poo Bags, within a week these too begin to decompose. Wether you compost them, throw them away with your rubbish or do whatever you do with them, this is such a huge step forward to unsightly plastic poo bags.

We sell the compostable bags up to a 50L size, which is suitable for most wheelie bins. Really there is no excuse, so I ask you - Will you make the change?! 

Let me know how you get on.
Jojo xXx

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